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16-07-06, 18:11

An appreciation thread for one of the most terrifying and atmospheric horror films of all time.

It's about a couple who visit Venice shortly after their young daughter drowns. The couple meet two sisters, one of whom believes she can see the dead girl. She says that the father has a similar gift. The father denies this, although he repeatedly sees a red-cloaked figure resembling the daughter at the scene of several murders.

I'll PM the twist ending to anyone who doesn't mind the film being spoiled.

da tomb raider!
16-07-06, 19:08
Go on. PM me. ;)

Mad Tony
16-07-06, 19:12
I'll already know the ending!! :jmp:

16-07-06, 19:13
Go on. PM me. ;)
Done. :D

16-07-06, 19:21
It took me ages to figure this film out. I think I've just about grasped it. It's a brilliant film. Quite low-key, but guaranteed to keep you thinking.

da tomb raider!
16-07-06, 19:23
Thanks for the ending, TombRaiderLover...
I'm looking forward to seeing the film myself soon! :jmp:

16-07-06, 19:24
I saw this in HMV and almost bought it, but my lack of cash foiled me yet again. Is it worth watching?

16-07-06, 19:25
Oh God, yes. It's a very puzzling, artistic, sad and yet chilling film.

in these arms
16-07-06, 19:36
PM me please.

16-07-06, 19:38
PM me please.

16-07-06, 19:58
i havnt seen it all but i have a rough idea of the ending. good twist, still not as good as the tohers but its still good

Night Crawler
16-07-06, 20:26
To anyone who can't be bothered with PMs, you can find out the ending here: http://www.ruinedendings.com/film4988ending

Sounds dumb. :whi:

16-07-06, 20:53
PM it to me please.