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Tomb of Legends
16-07-06, 22:37
Omg! Yesterday there was this guy in a Ute, and he was a crazy driver! He tried to take on a giant truck by nearly raming it and trying to fit through a small gap between a Truck and a Land Rover :vlol: It was so funny, then he drove off the road to pass the truck but slowed down and went behind it again, few off the righhand lane into a turn off :vlol: :vlol: He would have ended up rapped around a pole the way he was driving XD I wouldnt be surprised if hes dead right now, he must have been high or something. People like that get inocent drivers into trouble! :hea: I wouldnt have stopped to help him if he crashed, he put alot of drivers lives in danger! :mad:

Still, I was laughing so hard watching him XD :vlol:

Lonely Istari
16-07-06, 23:13
I think I'd be fearing for my own life instead of laughing! :yik: :D

There are so many people driving who just DO NOT pay attention! A lady rammed into my sister while she was driving our car. It was the lady's fault though, because my sister was at a 4 way and she had the right of way while this lady (i guess she must have thought it was a 2 way) smashed into the passenger side of our car! Now I have no car to drive until her insurance pays for ours to be fixed! :mad: