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17-07-06, 06:40
Today, well yestarday for me since its 2:30 am here, I wanted to see a movie but i had seen everything in Theatres, atleast of the stuff i thought interesting. Then while looking for something i noticed A Scanner Darkly was playing at the beach just 40 minutes away, it was perfect.

Let me just start by saying this movie was unlike any other and i totally found it enjoyable on almost all aspects. Some how the movie got horrible reviews when i found it to be something unique and special.
The visual aspect of Scanner Darkly was brilliant, it has this whole vector feel that sometimes had me confused for the real thing, it was that detailed yet at some points totally obvious and simply stylish. The look of Scanner darkly also immersed the viewers into its Drug intense story, i wont go into to much detail since the story revolves around it.
The story itself was very entertaining and between all the core elements were some hilarious scenes that is intended for adults more than anything, not a kids movie at all despite its cartoony approach. The dialogue was very memorable and the characters are so their own that you can't help but remeber each one and think back at them after the movie. Like i mentioned before its a movie that revolves around a certain drug but don't turn this down because it's nothing like the movie Spun or anything thats purely about drugs.
I really enjoyed this movie and thought how sad it was that its only played in so little theaters

(9/10) Only reason its a 9 is because at some points this special suit in the movie can be alittle hard on the eyes with its constantly changing form.

17-07-06, 07:38
I'm curious about that one and I hope for a chance to watch it. I like the vector look.

17-07-06, 15:38
i heard about another movie like it called waking life and now im interested in trying to see that one too.