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17-07-06, 12:45
driving home at 2am last night from my friends house and i thought to myself

"somethings not right, somethings going to run out infront of me!"

(its happened before and i thought the same then too!)

so i was keeping well under the speed limit on the fast roads just incase my spider sense was correct lol

anyway, we are on the last big road, near the end of it, and this MASSIVE badger runs out from the middle part of the dual carriage way! my friend screamed in the passenger seat and the one in the back too but i couldnt swerve much or I would of gone off the road!

luckily because i was driving quite slow from the road i was on i missed the luckyl thing by about 30 cms!!

i would feel awful if i killed something like that! and it would of done so much damage to my car because it was massive! :O

then on the smaller roads a rabbit tried to out run the car up the lane i was in, just missed that too! and then a black cat abit further along! :( swear to god animals are attracted to that car!

so far its been:
Numerous rabbits
numerous sheep
pheasant (60mps emergency stop involved) lmao

*sweats* lmao

17-07-06, 12:46
time for some reppelant :p

17-07-06, 12:48
to right!! my car is like a pale metalic green, almost silvery. But im sure to animals they think its a pale tree on wheels!!