View Full Version : irivers...anyone got one?

17-07-06, 21:58
Im thinking of getting an iriver (h10 series) either the 6gb or 20gb one. I just wondered if anyone has any experience with them, what there like, do they work, all the usual suspects basically?
Oh and please dont suggest iPods to me, see my avatar for more details.

Thanks in advance for the replies,
J. ;)

17-07-06, 22:01
I was going to get one as they look Sweet-as, but they were Really expensive. I imagine they've gone down in price now?
One of my friends used to have one, and he said it was a great player until he traded it for *drumroll* an ipod video.

17-07-06, 22:02

This is the one im going for (if i get one), its like £90 with postage.

17-07-06, 23:21
they had the best sound quality, well the H100 series, but prone to dying, the hard drive i mean, not sure about the H10 series...but the H100 owned the Ipod in looks, sound quality and features...

17-07-06, 23:26
i would suggest you get an ipod.....but i feel you dont like them..cant put my finger on it...just something is crying out to me hmmm... ;)

17-07-06, 23:27
Wow looks nice!
I take it you don't like iPods?

18-07-06, 10:47
They use iTunes and i really hate that piece of software, my computer isn't the fastest in the world and iTunes is slow as it is.
Also i dont like the look and feel of them, plus everyone has one.


18-07-06, 13:50
What is it? Can somebody explain me? :confused:

18-07-06, 14:01
Click my link above for more details, its basically an mp3 player, like an iPod.