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Melonie Tomb Raider
17-07-06, 22:37
Hi everyone! Right now I'm currently working on a claymation, so I decided to get out my modeling clay and start making master chief! :D So far I've only done the head. It took me about 2 hours just to do that, so I have a little ways to go before he will be done. And I still plan on making at least four other characters as well, so it might be a little while before I even start filming this thing!

Anyway, here are some pics of my progress so far. I have the worst webcam on earth, so it's fuzzy and you can't see all the detail. I've spent a good bit of time on little minute details, but you can't even see them with my stupid cam! lol! Oh well, I'll try to get my digi cam working soon so I can show you pics with those. Ignore my ugly wallpaper as well, I've yet to decorate my room.





17-07-06, 22:38
Nice work Mel... But what do you plan to do with them upon completion?

17-07-06, 22:46
Can a mod please delete her post, that wallpaper is offensive :ton:

How are you going to make it? What software etc. I love that type of animation :jmp: I would love to do Tomb Raider: The Adventures of Blue Tac Croft :D

Melonie Tomb Raider
17-07-06, 23:00
Tr mitch, I'm going to make a claymation with it and the other characters. It's like a movie, but with clay. I don't know if you're familiar with the term "claymation", but I'm sure you've heard of it. Movies like Wallace and Gromit use claymation.

Can a mod please delete her post, that wallpaper is offensive :ton:

ROFL! :vlol:

Anyway, I don't really have a good camera (as you can see by those pics), but I'm still going to have to use it to film it. I am going to get a lamp on my desk though so the lighting will better, that should help a lot. After I take the pictures (which is going to be A LOT), I'm going to put them into Sony Vegas, which is a video editing software. I'll put the pictures together frame by frame so that they'll be animated, then I'll add voiceovers.

Should be a tedious process, but it'll be worth it. :D

17-07-06, 23:02
I do stop frame animation with picture messages on my mobile phone, they are so funny :D

Is Sony Vegas free by any chance?

I see the name Sony....so I bet it isnt ^.^

seriously though, you should rip that off your wall! It reminds me of Britney Murphy's house in Girl Interrupted....and look what it did for her!

Melonie Tomb Raider
17-07-06, 23:24
No, Sony Vegas isn't free. It's pretty expensive actually, but my cousin gave it to me, so I didn't have to pay for it lol. It's like Windows Movie Maker except a million times better. There's a similar program called Adobe Premiere, and you can get a version of that for about $100. I like Vegas' interface a so much better, but most video editors I know prefer Adobe, so I guess it depends on the person. Vegas can be more intimidating, but over all you have more options imo. I've pretty much mastered it by now.

Wow, you really hate my wallpaper don't you? :vlol: Me too! haha! I just moved here two months ago, so give me a break here. :p I have great plans for how I'm going to decorate my room, I'm sure you will approve. :tmb:

Honestly, the wallpaper isn't the only weird thing in my room. I have a whole wall that is all mirrors! I hated it at first, but it's actually growing on me. I'm going to take them all down once I decorate my room though. Other than the decoration, I have no complaints with my room. Its the biggest room I've ever had and I've lived in 10 different houses, so that says a lot.

17-07-06, 23:35
oh okay I didnt realise you were a nomad :p

must be some sort of gypsey style?

Anyway I look forward to your little film. Could you please explain about this master helmet man? I've never played a Halo game.

Melonie Tomb Raider
18-07-06, 00:28
lol! Nomad huh? :p My dad was in the army, so I've been to basically every state in America (not lived in almost all of them, but been to most of them). Have only been to one other country though, and that was Canada. I plan on visiting a bunch of other ones though.

But anyway, Master Chief is definitely one of the coolest game characters ever! :D I don't have an XBox though, I just play halo at my cousin's house, and that's multiplayer. My brothers beat Halo 2 and I intend to whenever I get the chance. I've seen a few cutscenes from the game though. Enough to know that MC is totally awesome! :D lol. But my video is going to be a comedy though, so it won't quite be like the real MC, but at least he'll look like him. :p

By the way, after reading your post I was thinking about something. You're very creative with your TR movies, edited pictures, and interviews and all. It would be kind of cool if we could start our own project together sometime. Could be something really small and easy, but you'd be so fun to work with. We need to think of something we could work together with. Not sure what, but if you ever get inspired let me know. lol. I'm going to buy the movies soon, so that could be an option as well.

It's ok if you're not really in the creative mood, I just thought it would be something you could remember next time you're inspired to do something.

18-07-06, 00:32
omg thats awsome mel :hug: your very talented...

at first i thought it said master chef :vlol:

18-07-06, 00:35
Nope im not feeling creative right now :p

Maybe in a week or something.

But my next project is London Affair: IV (the conclusion) (with voice overs!)

I recommend you get the expansion 'Stunts and Effects' for The Movies. Otherwise you can't choose your own shots and angles.

Melonie Tomb Raider
18-07-06, 00:38
lol no rush, I just thought I'd leave you the option. Even if you didn't feel creative until a year from now. haha!

I can't wait to see London Affair IV! :jmp:

18-07-06, 00:43
It should be really cool, Angel is writing a script (i have no imagination) then I will adapt it for the game. And wait till you hear the voice for Lara! Its almost a clone of TR2+3 lara.

When thats done def let me know of any plans you have.

Still not convinced about master chief though, I find it pretty hard to empathise with someone who dresses in star trek cast offs :ton:

Melonie Tomb Raider
18-07-06, 00:58
Oh that sounds awesome! :D Sounds like an awesome voice actress too!

Anyway, back on the MC topic. I'm almost out of green clay! :eek: I need to buy more before I can finish him. :(

Soma Holiday
18-07-06, 03:06
That's so Awesome! haha, I love it, looks just like him! hehehe...question though, what type of clay do you use? I tried to make a Lara out of play-doe one time haha, that doesn't work so well. :( lol...also, what other characters will there be? Are you gonna do solely halo, or have some type of comical cross-over lol...

awesome job hehe, can't wait to see the results, and Master Chief is a great character, can't wait to see who's cast for him in the movie, if they show his face at all...

Melonie Tomb Raider
18-07-06, 03:37
Hi Soma :wve:

I've tried making characters with play-doe before too and it stinks! lol! I went to a craft store and bought some modeling clay that never dries. It's not expensive and a lot of fun to work with. I made a few little, non detailed characters before, so this is my first bigger character with more detail.

I'm not 100% sure of who the other characters will be yet. I know that they will be Microsoft characters though, because it fits into my storyline lol. It's not going to be a very long video, just a short funny clip. I'll probably end up making more though. I'd like to make a Joanna Dark character, but I'm not sure how well I would do making a person with that much detail, it would be so hard! We'll see though. :p

I could probably make Kameo though, since she's pretty cartoony looking. If you have any request for characters I'd be happy to consider them. :p

Soma Holiday
19-07-06, 03:44
kameo would be cute, and I'd love to see a Joanna Dark haha, I bet it would look awesome! As for other characters....hmmm....I really dunno lol. Any will be great!

19-07-06, 04:05
that helmet looks pretty darn good!

Melonie Tomb Raider
19-07-06, 04:07
Thank you! :D :hug:

19-07-06, 07:08
Looks like a cool project. Are you following any professional tips or trying to figure it out yourself by experimenting?

Melonie Tomb Raider
19-07-06, 07:13
Looks like a cool project. Are you following any professional tips or trying to figure it out yourself by experimenting?

Just experimenting. :) I hope to get really good at it someday though.

19-07-06, 10:18
Aww he's so cute. Good work Mel.:):D

19-07-06, 11:44
Looks great. Well done! :tmb:

19-07-06, 11:48
Oh WOW! :eek: Awesome! :jmp:
Great work mel :tmb: