View Full Version : M Fans Make TR TRAILER ( not sorry video )

18-07-06, 07:57
oh my god its awful....
i only like some of the sound,minus the annoying wittering...

Dante Croft
18-07-06, 08:02
Incase you want to know this has beed posted before.
Its not your fault nobody sees everything.
But someother people will see it now.

It was very funny the first time I saw it but now its no thing.

18-07-06, 08:07
ok sorry :tmb:

Dante Croft
18-07-06, 08:11
No its ok You did not know.

People don't see everything.
But heh more people will see and laugh.

Somethings on the TRF have been posted like 6 times.

18-07-06, 08:21
ano LMAO

18-07-06, 09:50
Lol! Ive never seen this before, lmfao at the 'psssh' gun noises :D

18-07-06, 09:56
Oh yeah, I have seen this before too. It is there, few pages back I guess.