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18-07-06, 17:19
This is a topic where people can discuss there hardest/favourite level in each of the Tomb Raider games. I was actually going to do hardest/easiest level but i knew i would get the same answers:
e.g TR1 - Caves

Also i have decided to do it on the TR3 boards because this is my favourite TR.

Anyway lets start:

TR1 - St'Francis Folly That huge drop, all those bats and there is too many "near death experiances" in that level.

TR2 - Temple of Xian Do i need to explain this?

TR3 - Lud's Gate The underwater passage!!

TR1 - Atlantis A very fun level.

TR2 - Opera House There is something about this level i just love! I can complete easily in under 5 minutes, without any medipacks.

TR3 - Nevada Desert A beautiful level that can easily be completed.

Those are my views and opinions on the game's levels'.
What are yours?


18-07-06, 17:34
It's just me or this thread should go in general chat?


For me TR3: Lost City of Tinnos
TR:TGM: Kingdom.


TRAOD:Bio Research Facility and The entire Louvre series.
TR4: Coastal Ruins
TR3:Coastal Village, Crash Site, Anctartica, All London levels, All Nevada levels.
TR2: All ocean levels
TR1:The ones in Egypt
TR5:The ones in the submarine.
TR:L: England.

18-07-06, 17:59
Mathew, the subject of your thread covers all games, so it's place is in General Chat my friend :)


18-07-06, 18:08
TR1: the lost valley - i was to scared to go to far. i didnt want anything to pop out so it was hard to complete it XD


TR1: - the Cistern
TR2: - the great wall
TR3: - costal villiage
TR4: - Ankgor wat
TR5: - Russian sub
TR6: - von croys apartment hehe
TR7: - ghana, kazakhstan, japan

18-07-06, 18:50
TR1-Atlantis (enemies were just...)
UB-Atlantean stronghold (I don't know how I completed it the first time; now I try and I can't, it's too hard)
TR2-Opera house (it was too boring, so it was hard + that big guy at the end)
GM-Nightmare in Vegas (stuck at it currently)
TR3-all london levels were difficult
LA-Reunion; cause of the fight, probably
TRLR-Cairo levels (I think you all understand why)
TRC-Red Alert! Those bald men and the bug... :hea:
TRAOD-Boaz Returns (quite difficult boss)
TRL-King Arthur's tomb? (the snake was the only part in this game I had to stop and think some time what to do)

TR1-The Cistern (a perfect tr level)
UB- I have no idea... Temple of the cat maybe...
TR2-Venice and Bartolli's hideout... I just love Venice setting...
GM-Same as UB... all of them, perhaps...
TR3-Aldwych; perfect atmosphere
LA-Highland Fling; perfect atmosphere
TRC-Gallows tree, Labyrinth, Old mill... great atmosphere and gameplay, probably my favourite levels in all tr games
TRAOD-Louvre galleries - they were nice
TRL-Pursuing James Rutland (an amazing level)


18-07-06, 19:09
TR1: Natlas Mines (my, I was stuck there for half a year!)
TR2: Floating Islands (or how was it called)
TR3: The final boss level.
TR4: The only TR I never finished, so I can't really tell.
TRC: Red Alert. Don't even remind me of that level.
TR:AOD: Don't really know, the game was quite easy.
TR:L : Nepal, most likely. Don't like to fall. Period.

TR1: San Francis Folly. The highest level ever (that actually had a reachable bottom :) )
TR2: Tibet. Just. Love. Mountains.
TR3: South Pacific Islands. Any.
TR4: Don't know. The game was pretty uniform.
TRC: Don't know. (No, the game wasn't uniform :) )
TR:AOD: Hall of Seasons. That really had the right feeling :)
TR:L: Nepal. Just. Love. Mountains :D (it's my most favourite level ever :) )