View Full Version : I think i'm going to faint

18-07-06, 23:41
I do not expect anyone who lives in a hot climate to sympathise with me but, I am so hot it is unreal.

I haven't actually moved from my chair in about an hour, and there is beads of swear running down my forehead.

I don't mind a bit of warm weather, but this is just plain irratating.

No doubt I won't get sleep until about 5 in the morning, right after I lose about a stone in body weight.

Supposed to be hotter tommorow. Lovely.

18-07-06, 23:45
Few ideas to keep cool Joe :)

-Open all doors and windows... Let's fresh clean air through.
- If you've got a fan, then use it.
- Place a small bowl/cup/glass whatever full of water in your room, this puts moisture back into the air making it cooler.
- Drink fluids, and sleep with a drink next to you.
- Cool sprays are available!
- Have a cold shower before you go bed.... Refresh's you, and you won't feel so sticky.

Hope i helped a bit :)

18-07-06, 23:50
Nice tips Mitch thanks I'll try some...:)

18-07-06, 23:53
My Mum has my fan in her room.

I might just sleep outside.

Melonie Tomb Raider
18-07-06, 23:54
It gets over 100 degrees where I live, but I have AC in the house and a pool in the yard, so I stay cool lol.

I'm sorry you have to endure all that heat. I recommend taking a cold bath before you go to bed.

18-07-06, 23:57
This country isn't prepared for it.

It's supposed to reach 38 degrees tommorow.

19-07-06, 00:00
Fortunately you are not living in latin america at leat 42 degrees most of the days in summer... a pain...

19-07-06, 00:03
I am feeling your pain right now brother!

19-07-06, 00:23
but is winter here I guess, a blessing ^_^ for now hehe

19-07-06, 12:29
My Mum has my fan in her room.

I might just sleep outside.

Yeah, that is the same what I wanted to say. That is the best place where you can feel good. (imagine, very could wind at night, later rain...mmmm relaxing.)