View Full Version : Rainbow Boots On Runescape

Mad Tony
19-07-06, 13:25
I've seen many people on Runescape walking around in these multi-coloured rainbow shoes. Even level 10's.

How do I get these?
Where can I get these?

19-07-06, 13:57
Go to the Barbarian Village and talk to Litara (by the mining area in the centre). There's a hole in the ground you can climb down. You'll have to go through about four mazes of increasing difficulty to get the boots. You can pick from Fancy Boots (rainbow) or Fighting Boots (with spikes). :wve:

BTW, I died recently and thought I'd lost my Fancy Boots for good, but I went back to the maze and discovered I could get a replacement pair. You can use portals if you've finished the maze once, so you don't have to do it all again. :D