View Full Version : So I've got this crazy idea..

27-07-06, 03:34
Wouldn't it be fun to stage a little contest in this thread-

"Who can take the best picture imitating a Tombraider character, including but not limited to Lara herself?"

I challenge you all- do your best.

P.S. Guys- don't be discouraged- you can dress like Lara, too. It would actually be quite hilarious!

27-07-06, 03:56
*pictures some guys dressed as Lara Croft* ROFL

This is going to be interesting! Good idea!

27-07-06, 04:01
Well, it is a little late for me to squeeze into the short shorts, but tomorrow is another day. If I am going to do this, I want to go all out.

27-07-06, 04:03
I'm blowing up my balloons right now :cln:

27-07-06, 04:08
Well, I've got the "balloons" part down :cln: , but I may need to do a few more crunches in my workout to get that pencil thin waist!

27-07-06, 04:13
i'll do alister XD!!!!

27-07-06, 04:13
Hmm well im a guy so all i have to do is put on ALOT of eyeliner and there you have it AOD lara :p

27-07-06, 04:20
ROTFLMAO at the idea! Great :tmb: Maybe i'll be in, if enough time for photographing ;)

27-07-06, 05:13
I have to put pigtails on my hair and VOILA, Young Lara. :vlol: