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04-08-06, 08:29
Become a Friend of Firefox

Starting on July 15, the day that the Mozilla Foundation was created, we ask that you tell just one person who doesn’t use Firefox why you think they should, why you do. Share Firefox with a friend. If your friend downloads Firefox before September 15, you’ll both be immortalized in Firefox 2.

How it works
Pick one person you know, and enter their name and email address in the form on the right, along with your name and email address.
After you submit the form, check your inbox to confirm your email address.
Customize your invitation to download Firefox and send it to your friend.
Your friend receives your invitation to download Firefox.
If your friend downloads Firefox before September 15, we’ll add both your names to Firefox 2!Come join in today! :jmp::jmp:
See more info at: http://www.worldfirefoxday.com/

www.getfirefox.com (http://www.getfirefox.com) now!!


04-08-06, 18:10
thats gonna be a looong list :)

04-08-06, 18:23

04-08-06, 18:25
Maybe someone should come and convince me to download? :p