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06-08-06, 21:18
http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/389/imquadvz8.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Mad Tony
06-08-06, 21:19
I cab't believe they're making a Dead Or Alive movie.
That will be such a waste!

06-08-06, 21:20
Flop Alert :p

06-08-06, 21:22
Now, kiddies, let's guess the target audience for this particular little gem...

You said it, Tony. I can see the boardroom thinktank now..."Let's make a film out of a game that was initially made famous (infamous...) for it's amazing, bouncing breasts! Errr, ahem, I mean, deep and immersive storyline...."

06-08-06, 21:23
I bet it's gonna suck:p

06-08-06, 21:24
That poster looks like a very cheaply made porn advert to me, not that I know what one looks like.

06-08-06, 21:26
You guys not even going to give it a chance ? How can you say its so bad without seein' the film

Of course you can have inital opinions, but I mean wipe the same old '' gonna flop'' out of your mind for a minutes and do a bit of research.

06-08-06, 21:27
what on earth, holly sticks out like a sore thumb,

and yes it loko so cheap and tacky, what where they thinking

06-08-06, 21:30
Well, it's, ummm, not exactly Shakespeare is it? It's not even Charlies Angels... it's based on a generic beat em up whose only selling point was that the female protagonists had huge, jiggling bazongas (and the fact that only females advertise the film, it seems they are going for the same angle). Inevitably, people are going to be a tad sceptical...

06-08-06, 21:39
Heh, at least its trailer isn't that bad, it's already won an award (http://imdb.com/title/tt0398913/awards).

06-08-06, 21:43
Nominated, not won.

06-08-06, 22:39
I didn't even know they're making a movie of that too... Oh well, doesn't look like I'll be interested in it anyways.