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13-08-06, 14:42
First off, this isn't intended to be a thread which starts yet another CD vs. Core war.

I was just thinking what I would do, or, would have done with TR had it been given to me after the Core era. What my 'perfect' game would be. Hypothetically, if I were in complete control of all the decisions made within the development of TR.

First of all, I would have the notion of evolving TR right at the front of my mind. I would not hide from the fact that the game has to move on, but move on in the right ways.

I personally would never have dreamed of changing Lara's bio. I think it is great as it was and I also feels it gives people the opportunity to develop a new game around her bio. I can understand them wanting to scrap AOD, given the huge critisism it recieved, and also they are a different company, so I can understand why they wouldn't wanted to have carried it on, which is fair enough. I have heard alot of people on these forums suggesting that the AOD trilogy should be completed in the form of a book etc. I think this is a great idea. At least then we would know what happened, and more people would be able to accept TR7 taking a fresh approach.

Lara's bio mentions Big Foot before TR1. Why not focus on an adventure surrounding this? I am actually fond of the title of TR7. TR: Legend, I feel, is a very good title, but I just feel that the storyline doesn't justify that title. I don't think the whole idea of Lara/mother idea is strong enough to carry a TR game. Yes, the games needs a story, but something like that immediately takes away what TR is about (In my opinion). I do like the idea of doing something before the events of TR1. I just think it stands as a nice edition in the series, kind of like rounding up all her previous adventures with a 'special edition'. Then there would be the AE, and then the series could get back to just fresh, new adventures, after a bit of stability.

I would keep the way Lara looks in Legend. I think she looks great and I see this as a good step forward. I would keep the light source. Again, I thought this was a good idea. The control system was great.

I can see why Legend used the grapple but I would never have used it. I do agree that more interaction in the environment is needed, but not in this way. They should have used the new control system but kept the old moves. I would never have changed this.

I would have also looked at TR's 1-4 for ideas for levels. I would have used them as a guide for creating new levels. I'm not saying copy them but I feel they offer an extremely good outline for what TR levels have to be like. I would always keep the plot the same as well. Some kind of myth that has Lara searching for something, or, say if I was to use the Big Foot Idea I would want the whole story surrounding it, something that makes the game flow so that we can experience great levels. I would have made huge levels as well, and about 15 of them.

Alternative paths. Actually implement it so that if you take one route over the other, it genuinlly has a big effect on how different that level is going to be. I would't have like 5 or 6 alternative paths, just 2 or 3 but I would have made sure they were done well.

I think i'm going to finish it there but I will add more later on.

13-08-06, 15:15
I agree 100% with you. :) Some things are better left alone. If it's not broken, don't fix it.

14-08-06, 01:27
That's a pretty good start! :tmb: Look forward to more of your ideas! :D