View Full Version : People that have TRL for PSP

13-08-06, 17:34
I heard that in TRL for PSP you can play with another player minigames. If so can anyone post scenes of these minigames? I might gat a psp because of that! ;)

13-08-06, 17:41
You mean the Tomb Trials? 2 modes of the Tomb Trials you can play yourself: Treasure Hunt and Master System. The multiplayer-only mode is Raid 'n' Seek.

I'd post screens but I don't know of any screen capturing software for the PSP that work on firmware 2.71. Of course, I'll have a scout around to see if I can find any.

14-08-06, 23:27
AIYA me too - people just gotta see the BEAUTIFUL TOMBs of Tomb Trials and heck, it'll make them wonder crazy....

..*and there was a post back then - I was trying to manage a group of people to play multiplayer online 'cause HECK it's hard to find another person with a PSP with this same game (doesn't Sony realize we need infrastructure??). There was this techy way of letting your router bcome a persons PSP if you link it through some software and you'll play from overseas or whatever the distance - reason I want this is so I can unlock my missing costumes PLUS play Raid 'n Seek :jmp: