View Full Version : How to unlock all 5 Outfits?

16-08-06, 09:10
How to unlock all 5 Outfits :
Winter, Designer
Legend, Urban Camo
Legend, Camo Shorts
Special Forces, SWAT
Biker, Brown Jacket

Thank you in advance.

16-08-06, 09:13
I mean that for PSP version only.

16-08-06, 09:59
U can visit tombraiderchronicles.com (com)


16-08-06, 15:38
The way to unlock all 5 costumes in one go is at time of writing unknown and presumed a glitch. There has been a theory that to unlock the extra gallery and costumes that you'll have to play the multiplayer Raid 'n' Seek mode.

Hopefully an answer will be with us soon :)