View Full Version : charlie and the chocolate factory - new or old?

19-08-06, 21:34
i just watched the very Burton-esque version of the film and i have to say... well... it just aint the same as the old one. its... odd.

its a very dark side to a very wonderful childrens story and i think its ruined it a bit. all the under-lying troubles with the dad and stuff. and the cold snow and dark buildings. edward scissorhands/batman all over again.

i found the older one more up-lifting. but then i like most originals.

what do y'all think?

19-08-06, 21:36
I liked the older version much better. But I think the new version with Johnny Depp (who looked creepy in this one) was supposed to bring a darker side to the childs tale. I'll have to agree with you though, I do like most originals better than the remakes.

19-08-06, 21:37
They're both very weird, with creepy Willy Wonkas. I'd sooner have the book over the films. :)

19-08-06, 21:41
New one!

I detest the old one, for quite a few reasons. It bored the hell out of me, it freaked me out in places, I couldn't stand the guy who played Wonka - I'm not being mean because I don't know why this is, but he made me want to puke! As did the colour scheme in the factory, the filming was strange and grainy yet washed out and also makes me want to throw up - which again, I can't explain.

The new one - Depp is fantastically weird and I love his portrayal! Tim Burton's tint touches the story wonderfully, his direction is fantastic as is Elfman's music. It stars Christopher Lee - who would ever expect Saruman to say "Lollipops..." ?? He's been one of my fave actors for years!
It had more humor and less freaky bits, some classic one liners in there this time :tmb: I enjoy the new one a lot more.

19-08-06, 21:44
Old one!:D
Gene Wilder was a blast!
The new one was good...but great effects don't make a better film;)

19-08-06, 21:46
The old version had a lot more charm which no hollywood movies are able to capture these days. Gene Wilder is the man who plays Willy Wonka in the old films - he's a good actor, I've seen some of his other films. (he also made some cameos as Will's boss in Will & Grace.)

19-08-06, 22:14
The old-school one is far superior.

19-08-06, 22:53
The original will always be the soft, gooey centre inside my yummy chocolate heart.

19-08-06, 22:56
I love the old one but never seen the new one, from what ive seen onld one looks much better.

20-08-06, 02:09
The new one was much better, IMO. Johnny Depp was great in it! :D

20-08-06, 02:33
i thought the new one was superb :tmb: i do love the old one, but i did like tim burtons dark take on it... *sigh* what we need is burton directing a harry potter film :jmp: :jmp:

20-08-06, 02:42
The new one without a doubt! I thought it would be stupid when i heard they were remaking but after hearing tim burton was involved i got interested. I love his work! This movie turned out to be far better then the original in my opinion. It gave something that the original lacked and added a new twist to it...

20-08-06, 02:43
I'm going to say the new one. Because this one was just more entertaining, the old one just didn't fulfill me.

20-08-06, 07:49
The new one. Although I hate it when they go into a sing-a-long mode :mad:

20-08-06, 08:39
Never seen it.;)

20-08-06, 09:04
I LOVED the new one. Never liked the old one much (for the same reasons as Rivendell posted) but as soon as I saw the trailer online for the new one, I knew I wanted to go see it. :D

So wierd and darkly humourous, and Depp was just brilliant I thought. Very unique take on the story. :tmb:

20-08-06, 09:08
the old one will always be the best. the new one was silly and nothing special. but kids will like the new one better just because its more updated init.

20-08-06, 09:10
The older one was better in my opinion. The new one was just creepy lol!

20-08-06, 09:21
The older one was better in my opinion. The new one was just creepy lol!

yeh it felt more real whereas the new one was just too fake. i mean they couldnt even be botherd to keep the original umpa lumpa look and instead just dublicated a man and made him into 1000's lol

20-08-06, 10:10

20-08-06, 10:13
Yay! At least I'm not alone anymore :D

20-08-06, 10:13
old for me- nothing beats the original IMO

20-08-06, 10:17
The old one did my tree in, Kinda boring... And the song's just were not good.
New one made me laugh, and was bright and bubblegum. :D

And the songs everytime a kid got screwed over, were awesome.

20-08-06, 13:44
well what can i say... i liked the new sets in the new one obviously a near completly edible garden!, but i didnt like jonny depp as wonka i think he got the whole wrong end of the stick, or that irritating little umpa lumpa!!! i like the old ones better, and the old wonka, but then again i like the new boy as the old boy was an idiot... and the old one will always be memorable as i watched it when i was a lil kid :D

Mad Tony
20-08-06, 15:00
Definitely the old one! :D

20-08-06, 16:00
old for me- nothing beats the original IMO
right. and i also preferred the old 'planet of the apes' too. dont get me wrong i like some of Burtons work, but i dont like when he takes a really good old movie, then makes a weird and depressing version.

i mean they couldnt even be botherd to keep the original umpa lumpa look and instead just dublicated a man and made him into 1000's lol
maybe its because they cant use dwarfs anymore - its probly not PC...

20-08-06, 16:06
maybe its because they cant use dwarfs anymore - its probly not PC...

Austin Powers disagrees here. :whi:

20-08-06, 16:29
I shall give you my verdict on the second one shortly. It's on Sky in 30 minutes and I'm ready and waiting.

To be honest, anything with the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp seal on it always bodes well with me. They can do no wrong in my opinion.

Now let me get back to admiring the lovely Mr Depp's many talents as I've interrupted my viewing of Neverland to make this post. I need to enjoy this savoury dish before I can indulge in my sweet :p

20-08-06, 19:39
Verdict: Remake was scrumdiliumptious :D

Favourite bit was the 2001 reference.