View Full Version : How do I download videos from Youtube?

20-08-06, 03:24
I need to know if there is a way to download videos from Youtube.


20-08-06, 06:50
You can go to THIS PAGE (http://javimoya.com/blog/youtube_en.php) and paste the link of the page with the video you want in the blank bar at the top, then hit 'Download'. The site will make the url a downloadable file which you can then download :wve:

20-08-06, 07:38
When the video is no longer available, does that mean the poster doesn't share it anymore? Or was it saved in youtube's server?

Agent Dee
20-08-06, 17:43
it means that either youtube pulled it cause it was either questionable content, or it was something that was pulled cause the original copyrighted owner of the clip complained like when NBC had them pull the natalie portman rap from her SNL appearance. Or it was removed by the original poster, and once its off you tube and not available, its yup, not availible. you can always ask the original poster of the clip via email in his profile if he still has the clip that was uploaded and pulled ;)

20-08-06, 18:12
oh, thanks agent dee:D