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kill bill
20-08-06, 17:35
is there any free web hosters.that allows you to have your on name.insted of paying for a domain.

20-08-06, 17:44
Do you mean webhosts that allow you to have www.yourname.com?

No, there aren't. You have to pay to get a domain name (sometimes you can buy hosting that has a domain name included).

However, you can get a sort of pretend domain name from http://www.dot.tk - you register for the one you want and tell the site where you want it to point, eg. http://www.hostingcompany/killbill --> http://www.killbill.tk. It works mostly like a normal domain name, but sometimes for some reason if you run forums, blogs, etc. on the site with the .tk domain name, cookies won't work.

kill bill
20-08-06, 18:00
THANKS.:D :jmp:

20-08-06, 18:05
No probs. :)