View Full Version : alfro sumari.

kill bill
20-08-06, 19:35
[/B]did any on one hear that. sam u l jackson plays it.you should look at trailer on the web site.
alfro sumari.com i think.

20-08-06, 19:45
huh? care to post a link my precious?

20-08-06, 20:24
Uh I think you mean 'Afro Samurai', dude. :vlol:


Night Crawler
20-08-06, 20:49
Sam U L Jackson! :vlol:

kill bill
21-08-06, 01:57
Sam U L Jackson! :vlol:
know makes me wonder.

21-08-06, 06:09
No offence, but.. "afro sumari"...:vlol:

Anyway, not really in my style. But thnks anyway.;)

21-08-06, 07:38
What is this movie? (takes ages to view trailer)

21-08-06, 10:41
What is this movie? (takes ages to view trailer)
It's a cartoon. About samurai.:)
Like I said, not really in my style. (maybe for a boy's yes XD)

Legend of Lara
21-08-06, 12:42
Sam U L Jackson in Alfro Sumari?
Samuel Jackson in Afro Samurai!
I'm interested in this movie. Anything with afros has my attention!