View Full Version : Softwere to create animation??

21-08-06, 11:44
can someone tell me if there is a program..( softwere ) that u can use to create animations??? I'd like to do some cutscenes with a caracter...i whanted with legend lara...but for the moment i'd like to see the program :D...do u know????

Lone Raider
21-08-06, 13:45
Well there is Animation Shop from Jasc Software, but I don't know whether that would be the right one. I usually create gifs with it.

21-08-06, 14:13
Paint Shop Pro 7.0 has an Animation Section, and that is the only one I know of.

21-08-06, 14:15
Maybe try this (http://www.jasc.com/products/trialreg.asp?pid=003)?
Downloading it right now.:)

21-08-06, 14:15

there's some there...

21-08-06, 15:21
:hug: thanks for u'r links and the names of the softwere ..i'll try them all and i'll see wich is the most easy for me to use thanks again :hug:
i'm still whaiting for some more links or names of softwere....