View Full Version : Cars = Magnets for stupid people

22-08-06, 10:13
Grrrr on the way home today I was sitting at the traffic lights and all of a sudden BOOF!!!... The three other girls in my car and myself were propelled forward screaming!!!... This idiot just rammed the back of my car and then took off! I am sooo mad now because I just got my car fixed last week... and about three months before now.....and now I got this freaking dent in the back of my car.......

*angry face*

I caught his license plate number tho.... SUCKER

22-08-06, 10:18
Aww. That's horrible. I hate those ppl who drive like crazy..:(

22-08-06, 10:20
aww, are you alright ? and your car, how bad is the damage ?

22-08-06, 10:24
What a scum bag the other driver is, at least you've got his Reg,hope everything gets sorted :p

22-08-06, 10:24
yea I'm alright... just MAD!!!

Yea the car's fine cept i got this big dent at the bottom right and side at the back... It didn't hit the lights so I can still drive it