View Full Version : Treasure Hunters (TV show)

24-08-06, 00:25
So who is watching Treasure Hunters (http://www.tv.com/treasure-hunters/show/49799/summary.html?tag=tabs;summary) ?

This show is totally awesome! I'm addicted. :yah:

24-08-06, 06:27
Never heard of it :confused:

24-08-06, 06:39
Me neither. Aren't you from Perth azumi? or do I have you confused with some one else? If so, you must have different shows over your side of the country.

24-08-06, 13:04

No no, I don't live in Perth. I'm located in europe... and the only way for me to get the show is via torrent.

But as a Tomb Raider fan you must see this show !!! I'm totally freaked about it. :yah:

26-08-06, 13:25

I now got the whole season (TV rips)!

If someone want it on DVD, just ask. I will send the DVD (11 x 350 MB .avi) to one person and this person must send it to the next who want to see the show and so on!

Or if someone has a big bandwidth, just upload it on www.f-forge.com