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23-11-02, 00:49
I'm stuck on the gateway guardians in rome. When the fight starts, i start shooting like crazy & jump from side 2 side, but i always get caught on fire, and die almost instantly. :mad: Some help on this little problem would be very helpful.( This is only my second day on the forum, so hi everybody!) :D

tlr online
23-11-02, 00:56
Hello roaring_kitty. Welcome to the forum. Stand facing the dragons and fire when they stop breathing fire and are "recharging" or taking breath. Then jump three times to the left and fire then three to the right and let rip with the lead again. Repeat this until all three are defeated. Use the water to your right to extinguish Lara is she gets caught with flames. Welcome again!

23-11-02, 01:03
Thanx! I'll try that! :D

tlr online
23-11-02, 01:05
May the force be with you....and Lara. Go forth and annihilate those ghastly guardians :D