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Lara Coft Baby
25-08-06, 19:46
Umm i hope its ok if this gose here. I guess so, sorry if its in the wrong spot. If you're ever board and want some thing to do. I have added some games to my Orlando and Kate site. They are hours of fun. Play the Spank the Monkey that one is the funniest one. This site is connected to Orlando Bloom World, and Kate Bosworth Central. You have the opption at the top of the page to go to one of those other sites. You gotta try these games, it will be hours of fun. Please come to: Game City (http://www.freewebs.com/orlibloomworld/Games/GameHome.html) where your City is all games :lol:

List of games:

Tic Tac Toe
Space Invaders (This is really fun)
Helicopter (This one is fun to. But its hard)
Cube Buster
Spank the money (OH MY GOD!!! I love this game its so funny)
Monster Mash (This one is really fun to)

I had fun playing all of them :D

25-08-06, 20:01
I think one thread advertising your site is quite enough. Don't be making a habit of it. ;)