View Full Version : Habbo Hotel - Are you a Habbo

26-08-06, 11:58

do you have a Habbo account? Or a you a Habbo Club member?

Well I like the idea of this chat and it's really funny everyday to play games and chat with other peoples while you're walking through a hotel. What do you think? :D

I'm in the German hotel and also a member of the Habbo Club. :)

26-08-06, 12:13
lol, I used to play habbo quite a long time ago. a couple of years ago infact. I was quite well known and was friends with a lot of the staff members, I even met the UK Staff members (at the time) in real life twice, but I don't play it anymore.

26-08-06, 12:34
I used to play it and I used to be a Habbo Club member aswell. But I got bored of it and moved to playing Runescape, which I got bored with aswell. However I am kind of back into Runescape now.

Jake Croft
26-08-06, 12:35
I still go on it to message friends etc...
I know people like Kotu and most the habbo x's so... yeah xD

26-08-06, 12:36
I used it too played it too alot, i stopped since last year or something, its so boring.

26-08-06, 12:36
Habbo is boring! :D

26-08-06, 13:25
Im a habbo, my mum is , and so is my sis...
we're all HC too :D

Jake Croft
26-08-06, 13:37
Add me on it xD add Rhv

26-08-06, 13:38
I was, but can't remember what my password was.

in these arms
26-08-06, 13:58
I play Habbo Hotel, but mainly I play CokeMusic, because I can get more credits easily, then paying!

26-08-06, 13:59
I played it before. I lost 2500 sek on that game. And I was HC:D

Hybrid Soldier
26-08-06, 14:00

Habbo Hotel! I remember that! I played that about 4 years ago! Hehe. I don't like how you have to pay to get Habbo Credits.

I prefer Coke Music better. Much more fun!

02-09-06, 07:03
Never tryed habbo. I like better IMVU. (that's a 3D chat):D

02-09-06, 08:21
Yea i used to be one, i wasted so much money on that thing >.<