View Full Version : It's a job you looking for

Poll Pitt
26-08-06, 12:29

26-08-06, 12:33
Oh please be sure to share all those delectable adverts with our already littered forum :wve:

Closed in 5, 4, 3, 2 ....

26-08-06, 12:33
I'm going to enjoy posting in my first about-to-be-closed thread! :jmp:

26-08-06, 12:44
look at this guy, he's only got one post, and its advertising. like thats not obvious why he registered...

anyway, those things never work. i never found a useful job on a site like that.

Jake Croft
26-08-06, 12:46
Its called a billboard... try advertising there?

Jacob x5
26-08-06, 12:48
I think this is another automated thingy.

da tomb raider!
26-08-06, 12:50
Now this stuff makes me angry :hea:

26-08-06, 12:53
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Mona Sax
26-08-06, 12:57
Don't waste your energy on a spam bot, people.