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26-08-06, 16:34
The giant statue of Pharaoh Ramses II travelled from the busy downtown square in Cairo to a much more peaceful location near the Great Pyramids.

http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/6969/ramsescopyum4.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/9810/97875573723a0ffd28va0.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Contractors moved the more than 3,200-year-old statute from Ramses Square in an effort to save it from exhaust fumes and other environmental hazards that were causing the 83-ton structure to deteriorate.

Onlookers crowded along the street around the statue, which was surrounded by a convoy including 1,500 soldiers, during the final leg of its journey, AP reports.

The trip was expected to take about 10 hours from Ramses Square - its home early 1950s when it was taken from a temple at the site of the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis - to its new location about two kilometers (1.2 miles) from the pyramids near the site of the future Grand Museum of Egypt.

"I think that today if Ramses could talk, he would say 'Thank you for moving me,"' antiquities chief Zahi Hawass told state-run television.

Engineers constructed a cage around the statue as two flatbed trucks carried it upright during the journey that took it across the Nile River.

The statue will be renovated and wait for its new home to be built. The museum, which also will house King Tut's mummy and other treasures, is not expected to open for at least five years, officials have said.

Ramses II was a warrior king who is credited with bringing Egypt unprecedented power and splendor during his 67-year reign. He died in 1225 B.C.

I'm just wondering, how did they move the giant statue? It's 83 tonnes:eek:
By lorries? trucks? cranes:rolleyes:?:p

26-08-06, 16:38
Egypt looks so cool, Hopefully one day i'll be able to visit all these statues/pyramids/tombs ect :)

Lara Croft!
26-08-06, 16:42
^^^^Same here.......

26-08-06, 19:31
I saw this on the news earlier. Facinating :D I'd love to have seen it being moved.

I've a feeling that one major reason for moving it at night was to not distract the motorists etc and prevent accidents! :eek: Major airline manufacturers who need to transfer their planes between warehouses usually do the same.

26-08-06, 19:35
hmm intresting read :D Thanks for sharing.. Man I wish to visit Cairo someday :( That's the only main location I havent been at in Egypt..

26-08-06, 19:36
Thanks for the article! :wve:

26-08-06, 19:37
I've been RPGing in another forum about the RamsesII statue so it's a cool coincidence this happens. Thanks for bringing this up Shark blade :tmb:

26-08-06, 19:39
Egypt looks so cool, Hopefully one day i'll be able to visit all these statues/pyramids/tombs ect :)
I think Egypt is a very beautiful place to visit.

27-08-06, 05:55
does anyone know how they move the statue? :)

Clara [CA]
27-08-06, 07:29
At exactly 1 a.m. this morning, Ramses began his journey to Giza on the far western side of the Nile Valley. He was encased in steel scaffolding and suspended in the air between a pair of 32-wheel flatbeds. The platforms were pulled by a large red diesel truck.

Full article (http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601088&sid=acQOiQdGQRhA&refer=home)

Some pics :

``Cairo is too hard on the statue,'' says Yasser Mansour, chief architect of the Grand Museum of Egypt, a proposed showcase for Egyptian antiquities that will be the statue's new abode. ``The vibrations from cars alone are a danger. The acid in the air damages the stone. He will be better off in his new home.''
Good to hear they worry about pollution... for a statue...

27-08-06, 07:33
i saw that statue whenever i visited cairo :D it really is a beautiful statue, but it looked so unhappy in the loud busy streets in cairo. i think ramses is no doubt much happier overlooking the giza plain of his ancestors :p :tmb:

thanks for posting :tmb: :D

Tomb Raider Master
27-08-06, 08:04
Heard that on the news a few days ago. :wve:

27-08-06, 09:06
I watched it on the news a couple of days ago. The statue was impressive!!! I think they did great for moving the statue. Egypt has one of the best history.