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Jake Croft
26-08-06, 23:43
Where can i get a black and white chequered my space layout
Or green and black or blue and black <3

26-08-06, 23:46
Not sure of any specific sites, but you could try www.myspacesupport.com or www.whateverlife.com. :wve:

Jake Croft
27-08-06, 00:00
Oo thanks its done now xD

Lara Coft Baby
27-08-06, 01:40
if you goggle Myspace layout generator, you can find a site where you can make one :D

27-08-06, 02:08
Jake i hope u dont mind but i added ya. if ya wondering wot my myspace is its www.myspace.com/drew_design

Jake Croft
27-08-06, 02:14
No problem :)
Ive now gotta find a song for it...

27-08-06, 06:50
Why on earth have you got a picture of two guys kissing?.. Ewww..

Jake Croft
27-08-06, 10:45
Because i want to and because its my myspace :)

27-08-06, 11:54
cool myspace!! looks good ;)

27-08-06, 12:41
hope im not changing the thread topic, but could someone be able to tell me why whenever I try to sign up onto myspace it says:

We’re sorry. Based on the information you have submitted to us, you are ineligible to register on MySpace.com.

And Ive typed in all the correct information, im old enough to register so I cant see what the problem is :confused:

Thanks :wve:

27-08-06, 12:50
no idea, you could try signing up with another e-mail account or something and see if that works... i don't know if they have restrictions to certain email addys.. :S

27-08-06, 12:58
OK thankyou :) Ill try that.

EDIT: nope still coming up with the same message :rolleyes:

Are there any other websites Similar to My Space?