View Full Version : Epic 10-Hour Battles To Cornerstone Crysis Multiplayer.

27-08-06, 14:05
Concerning the upcomming FPS Crysis:

Epic 10-Hour Battles To Cornerstone Crysis Multiplayer?

Online reports suggest that EA/CryTek's FPS may feature something a tad different in the multiplayer mode 'Power Struggle'...

How many of you are frustrated by the fact that many FPS titles continue to stick with the age old favour gametypes of Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and their Team equivalents?

Well according to Crysis community site inCrysis.com, developers CryTek are planning to inject something a little more...epic.

Besides the Deatchmatch and Capture the Flag options, the game will apparently include a new gametype called Power Struggle, which will see players try to capture and reverse engineer alien technology for technological advancements. Each map will include several alien crash sites, and it will be up to players to return each piece of technology found to their own bases. Once this has been achieved the likes of tanks can be advanced to include "Molecular Accelerator" weaponry and fire 'deadly' ice pieces...

Each player will begin the gametype as a low-level grunt, and rank up according to their performances in the game, however, with the report revealing that gathering together enough alien technology will be quite a challenge, matches could last up to ten hours! It also points out that as each day in the game lasts for two real-time hours, the match could last days in-game. Players will also have access to a range of sea, land, and air-based vehicles throughout the multiplayer experience.

It's quite an extraordinary sounding gametype, and something that hardcore FPS fanatics will undoubtedly get their teeth stuck into when Crysis is released in 2007.

Personal View: Heck I get bored after just one hour of play fragging newbies. 10 hours will just drain me dry.