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in these arms
27-08-06, 18:40
Talk about The Sims 1&2 here!

I'v just ordered The Sims 2, because I was begging for it!

27-08-06, 18:42
I'm playing TS2.;)

in these arms
27-08-06, 18:59
Have you joined the forum? TSR?

27-08-06, 19:07
No. But I download a lot of clothes, etc from other sites. What's your favourite aspiration?.

27-08-06, 19:08
My niece is addicted to Sims 2...

kill bill
27-08-06, 19:14
i love sims 2 im relasing a episode 2 moro tomb raider the lost artifacts.which featues jeni harjus voice as lara's.and mine as the new zip.:cln: which is me...

28-08-06, 04:38
It's too addicting to play. The franchise is milked like a cow, too - and so was my wallet. I refused to buy TS2 for my own well being. :)

in these arms
28-08-06, 06:21
Dident I put the OFFICIAL Sims Thread?

28-08-06, 10:10
I got Sims 2... but it wont work cause of my graphics card <_<

I used to play Sims a lot... before I lost my disc

28-08-06, 19:07
I have got bored of The Sims.
Maybe i need to experience The Sims 2.

in these arms
29-08-06, 10:06
Whats with this massive house on the side of the screen here? Looks like fire on the top? And it seems to fill up with a red bar? Whats this mean?