View Full Version : Remember that little Boxing challenge by Uwe Boll...

27-08-06, 20:26
Well apparently he is going to go though with it:

>> Mortal Kombat! << (http://www.videogamesblogger.com/2006/08/26/contestants-ready-to-box-bloodrayne-director-uwe-boll-revealed.htm)

A list of the critics who are gonna be boxing him:

>> Clicky << (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uwe_boll#Response_to_criticism)

Place your bets ppl!

27-08-06, 20:33
My GOD!!! Do people never learn. Which Half-wit agreed to let Boll make the movie of FARCRY?!? And on what basis? His previous body of work!! This is all too much.

*Takes chill pill*

27-08-06, 20:39
There's actually petitions in a few places to stop Boll from ruining FarCry.. I mean "The Rock=Jack Carver" Seriously?!

27-08-06, 20:39
Well, at least "evidence" is showing his films are getting a bit better. The rating at IMDb.com for House of the Dead is 2.0 and Bloodrayne is 2.5. Yeah, I know it's only 0.5 better but it's better, right? The guy might make a 5.0 film soon. And to be honest I didn't find Bloodrayne all that bad. Hopefully the company that developed Far Cry may actually overlook the production of the film instead of just leaving it to Uwe Boll himself.

Thanks for the link Cat. Wonder if he'll win or not.

Mona Sax
27-08-06, 20:41
Sorry, but when it comes to Far Cry, the director doesn't really matter. Boll sucks, but at least there's no story he could mess up.

27-08-06, 20:45
I hope he is watched very closely indeed. I had the misfortune of watching "House of the dead" at it's UK premiere at FrightFest in London a few years back. I just wanted to tear my eyes out. How on earth he though splicing the game footage into the movie would be cool is beyond me. I just can't believe that they give him so many movies-of-the-game projects to screw up. If I performed crap at my job - I wouldn't be given an even bigger budget and a chance to do a similar project - I would get kicked to the curb!!

27-08-06, 20:48
You've got to see the funny side of this :D Uwe Boll is a universal joke, both in the fields of movie-making and gaming, and yet for some reason he keeps going back for more (and, incredibly, people seem to keep letting him). I've never seen one of his 'masterpieces' and don't intend to anytime soon, but as long as he stays away from all of the truly classic videogame franchises, I find it highly amusing to read about his exploits. Uwe Boll brings a definition all his own to the term 'cheap cash-in' :D