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tlr online
27-08-06, 22:00
This was Crystal Dynamics' last game before Tomb Raider Legend, and it's pretty damn good. You can download the demo here (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/projectsnowblind/demo.html). Let me know what you think.

Lord Icon
27-08-06, 22:07
I liked it. Not bad at all. The only problem I ran into was with the SecuRom7 protection they put on the DVD. To play the game I had to go around it.

27-08-06, 22:21
I bought it for PS2 a good while back. It was a good game - played very well and was technically sound, but didn't really hold my interest for very long.

27-08-06, 22:42
Got it for PS2 - played it and loved it. This goes online right so I could play one of you guys then? :)

27-08-06, 22:49
Didn't rate this one much actually :( Some sound ideas but they were all executed quite shallowly. Take the bionic powers for example; a nice idea, but not really that effective in the heat of battle. Maybe I was just hoping for something with a bit more depth - bearing in mind that this was set in the Deus Ex universe - but for some reason it left me feeling cold :(

tlr online
27-08-06, 23:03
Got it for PS2 - played it and loved it. This goes online right so I could play one of you guys then? :)
I'm up for giving that a try. By the way, I'm replying on my Nokia N91 :d

27-08-06, 23:07
You can use your mobile to reply to the forum? cool :D

Well I knew you could use your mobile to go online, but I have never tried using it to reply on here :)

Anyway, I played a demo of PS and it was pretty good, although it just didnt seem to have that flare like some other FPS do :)

27-08-06, 23:09
Played it for x-box and I have to say that aside from the multiplayer aspect, this game sux nard. The secondary weapon mode is a delight but then UT is quite better.

The abilities are a welcome addition (Time Damp mode is a treat to use Lol!)

Its not that special though.

Hybrid Soldier
27-08-06, 23:47
I remember watching my friend play this on his PS2. I thought it was pretty neat. Not something i'd buy though.

28-08-06, 19:42
I'm on just now on the PS2 tlr, if you want I can set up a game or you can cos I'll muck this up somehow by making us all invincible or something -_- :D

EDIT: ANd don't blame me if I'm really bad, I haven't played this game in months, LoL.
EDIT 2: If anyone is actually up for this, I'm on just now. The server name is "Tomb Raider" :)
EDIT 3: Decided to go off. If anyone is up for a game - PS2 and UK/Europe (unless the game can play worldwide which then anyone can give me a shout), just gimme a shout.

28-08-06, 23:54
Aha! I just knew i played another Crystal Dynamics title besides LOK: Defiance and legend. :D
I Played a level but didn't like it. I find it hard to explain why. I should definately give it another few tries before i can form an opinion!

29-08-06, 15:37
I know how you feel Joseph. I was the same with a game called "Second Sight". Could not get into the game and just did not enjoy it. Went back later on in the year and decided to give it another try - loved it! Amazing what going back to game does isn't it? LoL.