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27-08-06, 22:37
Heya all!

Anyone here a fan of the original Dues Ex game? Its probably one of the best games ever greated to date..

Its quite an old game now, was released in 2000 I think, but still it has a great number of fans (me included). Its a FPS game, set in the future and has an absolutly fantastic storyline.

Its one of those games that when you look at it, doesnt seem anything special but once you play, you wont put it down..

Some pics:





If you want it, you can buy it for only £5 (and it will be the best fiver you have ever spent :p). Just try to get the PC version if pos, the PS2 version isnt as good at all..



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27-08-06, 22:45
This was a great game indeed. I still have it.

And you're right it was released in 2000 by Eidos and developed by Ion Storm Inc. It was built on modified Unreal Engine 1.5.

28-08-06, 07:20
Yup, you're right, it is based on the Unreal engine.

I think I might start playing it again, It was an ace game and I love it! :D:p

28-08-06, 08:07
I got it second hand for £1.99 :p

Possibly my all-time favourite game. I've played it through 4 times and it still doesn't get old. There's just so much detail and backstory that the environments become alive. That room in the 'Ton Hotel, with the dead Zyme addict? So freaky I've only visited it once. The option to kill Anna Navarre in the aeroplane or let her live made me play the game twice to see what happened, and that was before realising about Paul's branched lifeline...

I've been looking for some updated textures though, that's the one thing that could make it even better in my eyes.

28-08-06, 08:39
Yeah, there was a high resolution texture project going on, I don't know if it still is though..

Me and my mate did plan on making a Mod for UT2004 which had all the weapons from the original Deus Ex, but never got around to doing it..

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30-08-06, 05:52
Yeah, there was a high resolution texture project going on, I don't know if it still is though..

Yes, there is. Project HDTP (http://mods.moddb.com/4470/project-hdtp/).

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30-08-06, 05:56
And the newer site Deus Ex High Definition Texture Pack (http://offtopicproductions.com/hdtp/).

30-08-06, 09:44
Yeah, I think I've seen that before. The graphics look cool but still doesnt have that orginal DX feel do it. The 'not-so-good' graphics make Deus Ex what it was, my opinion anyway..

Ooooh.. And the release date says 'end of september'. I'm gonna have to download it and see what it is like..