View Full Version : The Worms 4: Mayhem Thread

28-08-06, 10:26
Does anyone have this game. I have it and I love it.
It's the BEST Worms game ever, IMO.
I love the story mode, the weapons, the challanges, the unlockables, the multiplayer game modes, the create-a-team and the create-a-weapon modes. It's so cool!

28-08-06, 10:50
I've not played worms 4!
I played Worms 3D and felt like it wasn't as good as Hogs of War..

The original Worms game is by far the best imo, it's so great :D


28-08-06, 11:01
I've played Worms Armageddon, which was great!

Rivendell - I've played Hogs of War! :jmp:

28-08-06, 11:58
Hogs of War is an absolute classic :D I'd like to see Hogs of War Ps3 style !
With Rik Mayall again!

28-08-06, 12:06
I've played both 3D and 2D worms.... They both have good stuff about them.
I remember digging in the ground and making your own underground hideout, before some worm would kamikaze it to shreds.

28-08-06, 13:48
I played worms 2, and it was really cute, but after a while it got boring (not to much fun playing by myself or with the computer). Are the 3rd and 4th better?

28-08-06, 17:03
i have this game :D but it gets boring after some time, then it gets fun again :D i prefer multiplayer (not online):)