View Full Version : Will we ever get to see it?

28-08-06, 16:27
I don't mean this rudely or anything, but whatever happened to that Toby Guard interview that trl did? I was really interested about it was annoyed I was going on holiday when it took place (back in april) but since I haven't heard much about it. I did hear something to do with trl having to have somethings confirmed or get Eidos' approval... but I thought it would have been done by now? Do you think we will ever get to see it?

28-08-06, 16:50
It'll be ready when it's ready, haha :confused:

28-08-06, 16:52
i know ive wondered about this aswell

28-08-06, 16:58
It must have been a hot interview and EIDOS stepped in and said they didn't want it seen. That's the only logical conclusion I can think of. TLR isn't going to publish something against EIDOS' wishes!

28-08-06, 19:09
yeah I understand that. What a shame:(

28-08-06, 19:41
I too forgot about this interview. Good to bring it back up.

28-08-06, 19:54
Yeah I was wondering about that today too.

tlr online
28-08-06, 19:58
This will be posted ASAP.