View Full Version : The general Clocktower discussion Thread

28-08-06, 19:09
i know most of u hav probably only played the 3rd one but anyway,lets discuss!

28-08-06, 19:13
never heard of it.. do you have pictures or some info about the game or something? :p

28-08-06, 19:14
FINALLY someone makes a Clock Tower thread!!! I love the CT games! :yah:

28-08-06, 19:16
Haha I was never into this series. I had the original for the PS One and well..


Yeah it played as good as this looks :o Played the third outing for half an hour and was sickened by how repetitive it was.

28-08-06, 19:19
wow that looks good although i hav only played the third one but i lov it and wud like to play it none the less

29-08-06, 09:46
My brother used to have the first game on PSOne. It gave me nightmares, so my parents made him throw it away, along with the Tomb Raider II disc that I would always chew. :whi: It was about three or four.