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28-08-06, 19:30
Anyone here a fan of Hex.

It was cancelled in April after two seasons.
The first season was smash hit but ratings went down in Season 2. But in my opinion, Season 2 was better and memorable.

tlr online
28-08-06, 19:30
What is Hex? A TV show?

Lara's Boy
28-08-06, 19:31
I think they just started to show it here in America....never seemed that interesting to me, but who knows!

28-08-06, 19:32
Yeah. Because i used the words Season and Ratings

Tomb Raider Jay
28-08-06, 19:50
I really tried to get into this show after Buffy ended but I just couldn't, it didn't have that 'I really have to keep watching this' feeling at all for me :(

What really annoyed me though is I saw an interview on This Morning (UK TV show) with the creators and they were like "Oh yeah but this is the British Buffy" - "Well where Buffy does the horror/comedy thing we're more about a dark mystical origin" - "We are confident the show will be BIGGER than Buffy" - "We hope Cassie will be as big as Buffy" And other rubbish like that! :mad:

It really annoyed me and I think meybe thats why I didn't like the tv show :o

28-08-06, 21:34
i liked it , but i think what ruined it was that from the begginning, people said it was better than buffy- it wasnt (i love the show and i still say that) and people saw this and thought "its not buffy." Hex was a different type of programme, a bit like Buffy, but not buffy at all.

On its own, hex was a great show, with, as larastomb said, series 2 being slightly more polished- except for ella Dees truely awful aim and inability to stab things.