View Full Version : Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy

Dante Croft
29-08-06, 11:42
He Talk about it here.

But I need some help?
I don't know where to find the game.
I have looked in shops, online ( amazon wont sell to australia )
And its like $25 + $8 postage on it.

I need some help.
I would be very thankful

29-08-06, 11:55
I've never heard of this game Dante, i'd be very interested in buying it myself as i'm a big Star Wars fan, have you tried e-bay?

29-08-06, 11:57
I've played and completed this game. Excellent gameplay, not a wide varation in character creation but it's a nice touch none the less, you also have the ability to go to the dark side or the good side :D

29-08-06, 12:07
Wickedly great Star Wars game, very very fun, it's got the SW feel, great plot with cool locations, great fighting and force powers - I love this game! :D