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29-08-06, 12:17
Discuss the original 2-D classic and the countless remakes and alternate versions

Discuss it's 3-D sequel (Rayman 2) and it's updated PS2 version (Rayman Revolution)

Discuss the second sequel (Rayman 3)

Discuss the upcoming fourth installment in this wonderful series (Rayman Raving Rabbids)

A screenshot for the upcoming game to get you excited:


29-08-06, 21:15
I loved the first one!:D:D:D:D:D
The weird explorers that used to grab you!:D:D:D
And that dumb ass one that ran away if you pulled a face at 'em!:D:D:D
And the little blackberry things and the pink things and the weird controls at the end where it was back to front and stuff!!!!!

29-08-06, 22:48
I never really got what language they talked, It was the most weirdest thing i've ever heard. :p

29-08-06, 22:55
You're telling me!
Freaked me how he didn't have arms or legs! And he could punch so far away from his body!

29-08-06, 23:12
Rayman was never as good as Croc or Crash Bandicoot :D

29-08-06, 23:14
Amen to that! \m/
I eventually dubbed him 'Gayman'...not very original I know but who cares!:D

29-08-06, 23:30
He think's he's sooooooo slick, But he's not.

30-08-06, 09:47
How dare you insult my armless friend. Come on, Rayman! Let's go someone else.

Has anybody played Rayman: Revolution?

Mad Tony
30-08-06, 14:45
I don't think it's that good, nothing special.

TR freak
30-08-06, 14:53
I've got the original rayman for PS and Rayman 2 great escape for PC. I love them both. Rayman was one of my first PS games. I only ever completed both of these games once. I remember the original being very challenging. Love it.

30-08-06, 17:33
I don't think it's that good, nothing special.
Rayman: Revolution?

01-09-06, 10:09
I never got in to Rayman, I played on Rayman 2, didn't get far. I was more in to Spyro the Dragon at the time, and Crash lol. If this new game is any good, I'll head down to the shops and buy it.