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29-08-06, 16:55
Has anyone watched this movie. The movie prohibit audience who's got heart problem and pregnant women from watching it.
The movie is not that scary, just gruesome and a lot of blood. I can see why


there's a scene where they kidnapped the baby(not good for pregnant mothers) and all that gory fight scene is not good for one's sick heart.

What do you think?

29-08-06, 17:44
There is alot more graphic stuff in this movie than that scene. I Have watched it, and I like it. It was as good as the original, if not marginally better. It is a growing trend of some horror movies going back to basics, and shunning those awful 15 rated movies that were popular such as I Know What You Did Last Summer.

The Director's first movie 'Switchblade Romance' got him noticed, and was a similar style, shocking and gory. (the end was a bit naff). If you watch Hills Have Eyes, and like it, dig out his first movie - well worth it.

.Particulary gruesome is the outhose bit!!

Jake Croft
29-08-06, 17:58
I hated this movie!
Not scary just really random and boring, it needed alot more tension and scary bits imo :)

29-08-06, 19:13
me tooo, not worth seeing at all

29-08-06, 20:53
I saw it when it was released , it was nice :) , but i loved those people , the problem is that they re real :( , but i dont know if theyre violent :(

29-08-06, 21:41
I didn't like this movie either. It was way too gory and disgusting; maybe it's just me, but I don't find rape, cannibalism or people's heads being blown off all that amusing (in a good way)... :whi:

29-08-06, 21:58
A very respectable remake, for many of which you can't even say that about. I saw it opening night way back when and haven't revisited it on DVD since. I do recall enjoying a fairly decent amount of bloodletting though. The guy getting locked in the container with all the severed limbs was a laugh riot. The fella with the huge noggin in the wheelchair reminded me 100% of the 'Rubber Johnny' stuff, in a good way though. And the big un' who got taken out by the axe was a ringer for Sloth from The Goonies. The payoff shots were nice, most Hollywood clap trap will cut away from a full on decapitation but they went right with it and the movie was all the better because of it.

29-08-06, 22:17
I think pregnant women would be able to decide by themselves if they could watch the film or not,once they 're grown up women and not children.Besides,each women,when pregnant reacts differently to the same things,as any person This paternalism is pathetic!!

I'm not pregnant and I know I'd never watch such a film,involving cannibals,etc.

Anyway, I think in case I 'd watch it,I'd stick to the original: normally,when they were made,they always had a political message,lost in the remakes.

30-08-06, 01:58
I walked out.

It is a terrible piece of work that holds a paper-thin premise.

30-08-06, 02:57
Movie had no premise, stupid.

SpongeBob Lover
30-08-06, 03:09
i thought it was scary :D