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30-08-06, 09:56
My favourite song at the momment is
Lindsay Lohan - Rumours:jmp:
but right behind it is:
Madonna - Paradise,not for me
Lindsay Lohan - Speak
Lindsay Lohan - Edge of seventeen

What about you?:)

30-08-06, 09:57
Right now:

Kristeen Young - Rotting On The Vine
Darling Violetta - I Want To Kill You
Type O Negative - Creepy Green Light

30-08-06, 09:59
-Enya: All
-Celine Dion: All


that's all

Legend of Lara
30-08-06, 10:06
At this moment-

Crush 40- I Am (All of Me)
Crush 40- Live and Learn
Scooter- Posse (I Need You on the Floor)
Scooter- Maria (I like it loud)
Paul Shortino- E.G.G.M.A.N

EDIT: Oops... forgot one.

SaGa- Spirit Awake

30-08-06, 10:09
From Infected mushroom - I wish, Electro Panic and Echonomix
From Yahel - Kamasutra
From Poets of the fall - Sleep, Sorry go round and Carnival of rust

30-08-06, 10:11
Of all time:

Bob Marley- One Love
Rita Marley- One Draw
Men at Work - Down Under

There's probably more, but I've just woken up and my head's all fuzzy..

30-08-06, 10:13
Fav song would have to be

Gyroscope - Sexxxy

30-08-06, 10:14
Men at Work - Down Under


30-08-06, 10:31
Type O Negative - Creepy Green Light
Good lass... good choice :tmb:

At the moment?

You've Got A Killer Scene There, Man - Queens of the Stone Age
Don't Even Trip - Peeping Tom
In Praise of Bacchus - Type O Negative
Into The Void - Jerry Cantrell
NIB - Black Sabbath
Sunspots - NIN.

Can't seem to get enough of these tracks right now...

30-08-06, 10:32
...Baby One More Time - Britney Spears

30-08-06, 10:32
It's funny how you listen to an album over and over and you only start appreciating certain tracks after quite a while :p

30-08-06, 10:33
Right now, And Then We Kiss - Britney Spears!

30-08-06, 10:35
It's funny how you listen to an album over and over and you only start appreciating certain tracks after quite a while :p
I know - Wolfmoon was always my fave off October Rust, but now I've kind of shifted over to Bacchus... I think the moaning lesbian choir did it! :p

30-08-06, 10:56
Right now, And Then We Kiss - Britney Spears!
I've heard it,It's good :D

30-08-06, 10:58
The Sounds of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel

30-08-06, 11:19
My top ten (at the moment)

Sour Times - Portishead
No surprises - Radiohead
Intergalatic - Beastie Boys
Bachelorette - Bjork
Utopia - Goldfrapp
Lux aeterna - kronos Quartet
Caught a Light sneeze - Tori Amos
Crash (into me) - Dave Matthews Band
Hanging on the telephone - Blondie
Playground Love - Air

Lara Croft!
30-08-06, 11:53
Right now, And Then We Kiss - Britney Spears!

Right now is the Pepsi song,right?Nice song!

30-08-06, 12:12
Of all time:

Dirrty - Christina Aguilera
Crazy in Love - Beyoncé
If I Aint Got You - Alicia Keys

At the time:

London Bridge - Fergie :)

30-08-06, 12:16
I Wish I Was a Girl - Violent Delight. If only for the fact that the singer admits he wouldn't mind having to put up with the various ailments of being female - menstrual cramps, dedicating hours to looking beautiful, etc. - because the fact that he would "have massive tits" more than makes up for it. Never a truer word spoken, eh, girls? ;)

30-08-06, 12:47
right now?

chocolate starfish and the hot-dog flavored water!! by Limp Bizkit!!:D

30-08-06, 12:48
My fave song ATVM would be...Super-Massive Black Hole By Muse!:D:D
But I don't have an all-time fave i'm afraid...Too hard to choose.

30-08-06, 12:51
atm -

Untitled - Simple Plan :D
Simple and Clean - Utada Hikaru (Kingdom hearts theme song XD)
Sanctuary - Utada Hikaru (Kingdom Hearts II theme song XD)
Miracle - Cascada

30-08-06, 12:52
The Wombles - From Wimbledon With Love.

I could listen to that song all day. Best song ever made.

30-08-06, 12:53

Ya Tvoi Vrag - t.A.T.u.
All of My Love - t.A.T.u.
Malchik gei - t.A.T.u.
Buttons - Pussycat Dolls
Bite the dust - Pussycat Dolls
Don't Cha - Pussycat Dolls

Anything t.A.T.u. or PCD :jmp:

30-08-06, 13:02
Cure My Tragedy - Cold
Wasted Years - Cold
Going Down In Flames - 3 Doors Down
Say Goodbye - Theory of A Deadman

I'm sorry I couldnt choose one XD (I even have more favorties!)

Hybrid Soldier
30-08-06, 13:11
Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane
Breaking Benjamin - Breath
Stone Sour - 30-30-150
Stone Sour - Through the Glass
Fort Minor - Right Now
A.F.I. - Affliction
Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away
Three Days Grace - Gone Forever

Haha, those are my favorite songs currently. :)

Jake Croft
30-08-06, 13:16
Paramore - Pressure
All american rejects - Dirty little secret

Hybrid Soldier
30-08-06, 13:17
Paramore - Pressure
All american rejects - Dirty little secret

Whoa....didn't you have a Lindsay Lohan avatar yesterday? :confused:

30-08-06, 13:46
Wow, it's been like two weeks since the last 'your favorite song' -thread :p

Anyways, mine are
The Bitter End by Insomnium
Shame by Stabbing Westward

30-08-06, 13:54
Playball - Utada Hikaru
One in a million - Aaliyah

30-08-06, 16:12
Evanescence - Imaginary.

30-08-06, 16:16
I have far to many and they constantly change. At the moment.

Motion City Soundtrack - LG FUAD

30-08-06, 16:22
Yup. Waaaayyy too many for me as well. The song thats been stuck in my head for the past few days, however, is

Nickelback - Savin Me

30-08-06, 16:28
lostprophets- a town called hypocrisy
lostprophets- rooftops
lostprophets- can't catch tomorrow(good shoes wont save you this time)
paramore- emergency
the all american rejects- dirty little secret
" " " " -move along.

30-08-06, 16:36
Perfect by Simple Plan
Me Against the World by Simple Plan
Me out of Me by Alexz Johnson

30-08-06, 17:34
Nickelback - Photograph
Nickelback - Savin Me
Nickelback - Far Away

30-08-06, 18:49
Madonna - Live To Tell ( to me is one of the best songs ever written )
And Vogue :p

30-08-06, 18:54
Panic! At the Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

30-08-06, 19:01
At the moment,
Tool - The Pot

30-08-06, 19:23
Too many to list, it's not fair to try and pick one. :cln:

But right now, on this very day, at this very minute, my favourite song is Who Am I? from Les Miserables. Colm Wilkinson is the Jean Valjean.

30-08-06, 20:46
Madonna - Live To Tell ( to me is one of the best songs ever written )
And Vogue :p

I like that song too, somewhat sad... I like madonna anyways.;)