View Full Version : Computer Piano.

30-08-06, 14:58
Is there any program that would let me play a virtual piano using my keyboard?

I have a playing keyboard (gets confusing) upstairs but I wan't to be able to learn music at the comfort of my computer screen.

Mad Tony
30-08-06, 14:59
Tried Google?

30-08-06, 15:00
Yes, but I would like recommendations first please :)

Mad Tony
30-08-06, 15:02
Yes, but I would like recommendations first please :)
I haven't used any.
But I think there are many out there.

30-08-06, 15:18
Try out fruityloops. It's an awesome program which lets you use the keyboard as Piano, strings and many other things :) It's a bit complicated but youl get the hang of it.

I dont have any links for it but it's free for a while.. afer that you have to buy the licence or you cant save your music, nor use some of the things in it.

30-08-06, 15:21
Ok thanks :)