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Legend of Lara
30-08-06, 19:23
I bought issue 76 of OPS2 a few hours ago.
I stumbled across some nice surpises. The nice-enough Cars being acceoted well, the excellent Yakuza was praised and to (nearly) complete the circle of perfection, there was a playable demo of Lego Star Wars II.

While looking through the content, I saw that this issue included a review of the PSP-only, Tekken: Dark Resurrection. I thought they were gonna score it 7/10 and say "dissapointing port of the PS2 version". Boy, was I wrong...

When I got to the review page, a lighting struck me. They gave it the elusive "GOLD" award. WTF?!? I turned the page to see if it wasn't a dream but it wasn't. That 10/10 score flashed into my eyes! This makes Tekken: Dark Resurrection the only PSP game ever to score 10/10! They even said things like "the best handheld game ever", "anyone with a handheld must buy it" and said it even topped GTA: Liberty City Stories. The screenshots also looked stunning. Nearly idebntical to its PS2 cousin and slightly more arcade-y.

My opinion? I was always planning on getting Dark Resurrection but this screamed at me "GO OUT AND BUY IT NOW NOW NOW NOW NOOOW!!!".

I may already have (and love) the original Tekken 5 for my PS2 but this one seems to be totally worth it!

30-08-06, 19:25
It isn't even a port either, the Tekken team built Dark Resurrection from scratch. It's been getting extremely positive reviews everywhere. I'm looking forward to getting it on Friday or Saturday next week :)