View Full Version : Family guy appreciation thread

31-08-06, 08:20
I love family guy. My favourite character is stewey. Ive got all four seasons to it but Ive only got disc one to season 3. Do you like it.

31-08-06, 08:23
I love Family Guy.
I catched it Season 3 on sky one about 4 years ago.
Then two years ago, i got all 3 seasons as i found out it was cancelled but it was also coming back so i prepared myself. I got Season 4 a month ago. Still funny as well.

Hurry up October for the season 5 release.

31-08-06, 13:03
love it!!:p

31-08-06, 14:07
I agree... can't wait for the next set to be released! Family Guy rules!

31-08-06, 14:13
Indeed. You muscely armed paperboy! :D :p

Hubert is a weird funny pervert lol

Mad Tony
31-08-06, 14:46
Bout time!
Family Guy's awesome! :D

SpongeBob Lover
02-09-06, 03:58
i love it :D i have season 3 on DVD :D though my favorite character is Peter cause he soo stupid :D then comes Stewy because he always want to kill Louis and i think its sooo funny that nobody cares about Megan :D

02-09-06, 05:11
I <3 Stewie!

Stewie is a sexy. Lets go to Stewies Sexy Party! * starts dancing around* woot

02-09-06, 05:18
Family Guy is great! It makes laugh so much!:jmp: Futurama & American Dad are also very funny! They put me in a good mood.:D

02-09-06, 06:58
I love lois and peter. They are the best married couple in Tv land. Well, in my opinion they are.

Mad Tony
02-09-06, 08:35
My favourite characters are Brian and Stewie.
They're hillarious.