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31-08-06, 08:48
Hello all, i am really rather stuck at the moment. I have a geography essay titled:

With reference to one continent, explain why the impact of HIV/AIDS varies.

And i cant really get started, can anyone please be so kind as to maybe give me a couple of pointers on what i could talk about?


31-08-06, 08:56
Well, I think you can describe something like Africa vs. Europe and/or North America

Many HIV infected; why:
less education
poor villages etc.

also many infected, but it gets better: many HIV/AIDS commercials, etc.

Kind of like generally describe differences and contrasts... :)

31-08-06, 09:22
As vonCroy360 said.

But you can also focus on one continent. Either a developed one : saying about how much reasearch it's been done on the subject, available money to do it, less prejudice etc. Or a developing one : ignorance ,lack of money, supersticious people, indifferent politicians, consiquences of wars etc.....

Intro brainstorming : world wide blight, statistics, children born infected, prejudice.....