View Full Version : Time Crisis

31-08-06, 10:34
Anyone a fan of this game, and for those who have the Playstation version, do you also have the G-con gun with it?

TR freak
31-08-06, 10:37
I originally played it in the arcade and I loved it so much I got it for PS. It was really fun for a while but because I was playing it non stop on PS it got boring after a while, like every arcade game does.

Mad Tony
31-08-06, 12:28
I love it! :D
Only ever played the arcade versions though.
Me and my big brother (the one who defeated Psycho Mantis without swapping the controller over ;)) are unstopppable on it.
Always get the top score.

31-08-06, 14:56
Anybody played Time Crisis: Project Titan?

31-08-06, 15:02
I played it on the PS.:)

Mad Tony
31-08-06, 15:48
Anybody played Time Crisis: Project Titan?
I thought it was quite good. :)