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31-08-06, 14:00
A Canadian airplane found itself without a pilot after he accidently locked himself out of the cabin.

He had nipped off to go to the loo, and on his return found he had locked himself out of the cabin. Eventually crew members managed to take the door off its hinges and let him back inside. The plane's first officer was present in the cabin throughout the whole escapade. The plane landed safely.

Full story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/5301172.stm

31-08-06, 14:02
Well events could have been in deep ****

31-08-06, 14:53
If it wasn't tragic, it would be funny... :)

31-08-06, 15:35
:vlol: :vlol:

31-08-06, 16:24
:vlol: Glad i was'nt one of the passengers on the plane it'd freak me out :yik:

31-08-06, 19:08
The First Officer couldnt unlock the door?

31-08-06, 20:01

Lara Lover
31-08-06, 20:04
LOL! Doesn't he not know an emergency way of opening the door? :p Lol!