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31-08-06, 16:32

Online retailer Amazon has begun taking orders for Microsoft's long-delayed new operating system, Windows Vista.

The US branch of Amazon is offering a number of different full-price versions of Vista, as well as upgrades from the widely-used current system, Windows XP. Windows Vista Home Basic is listed at $199 (106), while the home/office version, Vista Ultimate, is priced at $399 (210). Upgrades will cost less. Consumer versions of Vista are not due for release until January next year. Microsoft has said that business releases of the operating system should be available from November. The company would not confirm Amazon's pricing structure for Vista, but a spokesman for the retailer insisted that the pricing of Vista was "the one thing we are certain of".

Price variations

According to Amazon, PC users hoping to get their hands on Vista will be asked to pay prices similar to current rates for Windows XP. An entry-level upgrade package for current XP users to install Vista Home Basic on their machines will set users back just $99.95 (53), with a full-release version of that system costing twice the price. A more advanced, media-rich version, known as Windows Vista Premium is also listed in the Amazon directory. Microsoft is reportedly keen to push this version of the operating system, due to include integrated TV and other media functions currently available only through third-party add-ons or as part of the Windows XP Media Center. The so-called Ultimate version of Vista, priced at $399 for the full version or $259 (136) for an upgrade, is aimed at home users who wish to combine business capability with home entertainment features.

A licensed version of Vista Business will cost $299 (157) at Amazon, with an upgrade version retailing at $199 (106).

Windows Vista Prices
Vista Home Basic: $199
Upgrade: $99.95 Vista Premium: $239
Upgrade: $159 Vista Ultimate: $399
Upgrade: $259 Vista Business: $299
Upgrade: $199

Full story bbc.co.uk (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/5297892.stm)

How bad do you want it people?

31-08-06, 16:38
i tried the beta twice, result :
1. all files lost
2. no vista, still windows XP >.>

i want it, but i'll let someone else install it so they get the blame if it goes wrong :D

31-08-06, 16:41
*hates Vista*

I'm happy with XP, thanks.

31-08-06, 16:52
For the time being - no thanks. XP is just perfect.

Can't tell about the distant future tho, you never know :whi:

Mona Sax
01-09-06, 10:37
I can wait too. The only reason for upgrading right away is the DirectX 10 support IMO, which will hopefully not be needed for a while.

01-09-06, 10:46
I can wait too. The only reason for upgrading right away is the DirectX 10 support IMO, which will hopefully not be needed for a while.
Same here . ;)

01-09-06, 10:48
At that price, I won't upgrade at all unless someone forces me to (or gives me Vista as a gift, which I wouldn't appreciate either because there are many nicer things that I would want as a gift).