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31-08-06, 21:23
Another Remake.
I've never seen the original, And i'm not sure exactly what i think of this remake, But it's got Nicholas Cage in so perhaps it won't be so cheaply made.

Trailer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jOEvNR2FbY)

Has anyone seen the original, If so what did you think?

31-08-06, 21:26
I've never seen the original, but it's got positive reception and reviews, and I hate remakes, so the remake must die.

31-08-06, 21:29
It looks like a cool film.

I like the original as it turns the story on its head and the nasty fundy gets it http://www.freesmileys.org/emo/devil25.gif (http://www.freesmileys.org)

The remake looks a lot creepier, which is something I don't think the original had. But the original had Christopher Lee, and he's one of my favourite actors!

I'm definitely going to see it, I want to know how they've changed the ending, as apparently it's different..

31-08-06, 21:31
I never heard about this film, but the trailer looks interesting.
I'll probably wait for it on DVD...

31-08-06, 21:34
What is the actual story behind it?
I don't quite get it.

31-08-06, 21:36

Sergeant Neil Howie (Woodward), of the fictitious West Highlands Constabulary, is sent an anonymous letter recommending that he investigate the disappearance of a young girl, Rowan Morrison, on the remote Hebridean island of Summerisle. He flies out to the island and during his investigations discovers that the entire population follow a neo-pagan religion under the island's owner Lord Summerisle (Lee), believing in re-incarnation, worshipping the sun and engaging in other rituals.

Howie, an extremely devout and conservative Christian, is increasingly shocked by the islanders' behaviour; he is attracted and repulsed by the alluring and sexual Willow (Ekland), the landlord's daughter. He receives no assistance in his search from the islanders, who initially deny Morrison exists and then say that she recently died. Howie persists and uncovers evidence suggesting the girl was a victim, or perhaps is soon to be a victim, of human sacrifice. Delving deeper into the island's culture, he disguises himself as Punch, a principal character of the May Day festival, to uncover the details of the ceremony. The islanders are not fooled and at the end of the festival it is revealed that the girl is alive and unhurt; the letter was part of a ploy to bring Howie to the island for him to be the sacrifice, which they believe will restore the fertility of their fields.

As Howie is seized by the islanders, Lord Summerisle drolly notes that the sacrifice will be especially effective since the engaged Howie, like Punch, is a virgin, is simultaneously wise and a fool, comes as a King (a representative of Her Majesty's government), and comes to the place of sacrifice of his own free will. Howie admonishes Lord Summerisle that if his sacrifice does not work, the next year, the islanders will have no choice but to sacrifice their king Lord Summerisle. Summerisle appears certain that sacrificing Howie will work. Howie is forced into the belly of a large hollow wicker statue of a man, which is set on fire. In the final shot of the film, the islanders surround the burning wicker man and sing the Middle English folk-song "Sumer Is Icumen In" while the terrified Howie shouts out Psalm 23 and implores divine vengeance on the island and its inhabitants.

Spoilers end here.

31-08-06, 21:37
The original was ace!!!!
I hope this is up to the standard.

31-08-06, 21:40
Apparently Christopher Lee's character is played by a woman in the remake.

31-08-06, 21:47
This is the greatest travesty known to film-kind.

The Wicker Man is a triumph of British film making (and one of my favourite movies), and in no way whatsoever needed a remake. I was so very, very gutted when I found out it was going ahead. We are NOT amused.

31-08-06, 21:52
You never know Elysia... It could out do the original.... 'Unlikely but possible'.

31-08-06, 22:00
More proof that remakes are bad - The Don't Look Now remake will eliminate the twist killer dwarf ending.

31-08-06, 22:08
In the original the protagonist was a virgin, which worked it's way into the proceedings as a hazard. In the new version they subbed this for 'a fear of bees' because the concept of an adult virgin seems 'too far fetched' :rolleyes: The original is an absolute classic and I fully expect this remake to be a steaming pile of ****. :D

01-09-06, 00:12
A Fear of Bees?


Well.. I'm not even going to judge this film on it compared to the Original, because it won't surpass the original for greatness.. Got to just judge it on how it is as a film by itself !